Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Daily Bean, Hennur - Bengaluru

“Charity begins at home”, they say, but for the three sibling, founders of The Daily Bean, it means “Charity is for the Home”. This is an impressive story of Sridhar, Venilla, and Anbalagan grew up as siblings in a model children’s home in Bangalore.

As they grew through school and college life, they felt the need to give back to the home that provided them with so much, especially the motto "You are blessed to be a blessing to others".’ 

This lead to their entrepreneurial venture The Daily Bean. They state that profits from this venture channel back to the home they grew up to help other children growing up there.
The charity statement

The café  is located in one of the by lanes in Kothnur but you don’t miss it because of the prominent signage. 

 The café has a positive energy with comfortable seating. A good place to catch up with friends for your daily dose of coffee. While for ordering they follow a prepaid model, service is at the table. 
The Signature Apple Pie ( Rs 150/- per serving)

We decided to try the one of their signature Apple pie ( Crumble). An Apple Crumb Pie is a tender flaky crust filled with sweet juicy cinnamon apples topped with a delicious crumb topping served with a dollop of ice-cream or whipped cream. 

This was really very good, probably amongst the best you would get in the vicinity. It would probably be worth driving a few extra miles to dig into one of them. I personally would have preferred it to be served a little hotter that what was. 

Overall a good place to catch up with friends and with thanksgiving, a few weeks away, what better way to give back than by enjoying your favorite cuppa with the famous apple crumble pie. A good option to call in for your Halloween parties as well.

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