Sunday, October 20, 2019

Kothnur Kitchen 2.0 @ Bengaluru

When nostalgia takes you back in time and you remember the dining experiences associated with meals from your grandma’s kitchen. What comes through, is all the love and passion that went into making those simple but yet those ever so tasty meals. The stories also remind you of the era where there were no refrigerators or gas stoves. Food was cooked with firewood using fresh ingredients, free of all artificial colors and flavorings. 

While this kind of cooking may sound like a distant dream in the cities we live but may still be a reality in the villages. 

  Kothnur Kitchen  has re-created the village cuisine with the same rustic atmosphere right here in Bengaluru and we descended there in a large contingent to experience this for ourselves.   . 

As we reached and while speaking with Ashok, the Owner Kothnur Kitchen, he proudly takes you to the kitchen and shows you around. No refrigerators, gas ranges etc that would in any way remind you of a contemporary kitchen that we are so accustomed to seeing. 

Our meal being cooked on woodfire

The kitchen has wood fire tawa and a wood fire stove. 

“Ingredients used are brought in fresh every day and are not reused the next day” he adds.

Kari Virunthu

Our specially curated Kari Virunthu, meat feast, consisted of Nethilli Fry (Anchovy fried) , Kalakki (Semi cooked egg omlette) , Thala Kari Fry, Brain Fry, Naati Kozhi Fry ( country chicken fry), Mutton Pepper Roast, Kerala paratha, Mutton curry, ,Naati Kozhi Curry, Mutton Biryani, white rice, applam, phew…  a lot of food, only partially captured in the pic.

Kalalkki, for the not so initiated, it is a popular street food from Tamil Nadu, origins possibly from Coimbatore.  Anand, explains as little mutton curry is added to an egg and mixed well. This is then poured onto a very hot pan or tava and removed quick enough allowing just the outsides to cook and leaving the insides soft and velvety. This is best eaten with a hot flaky Kerala paratha made with maida rather than wheat flour. 

I personally enjoyed the mutton pepper roast, brain fry with the coin paratha. Comfort food for me is also mutton pepper roast with steamed or white rice. Just love that. 

I would like to leave you with one thought, the food here is so good that there are absolutely no after effects, you know what I mean. :) 

Celebrate this thanksgiving with your family. 

Kalyan & Ashok, a huge call out for curating this fantastic experience for us. 

Mutton Pepper Roast

Brain Fry

In pic with Kalyan & Ashok


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Kothnur Kitchen 2.0 @ Bengaluru

When nostalgia takes you back in time and you remember the dining experiences associated with meals from your grandma’s kitchen. Wha...

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