Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Zeebop by the Sea, Utorda @ South Goa (Goa Series #3)

Plan Goa and the excitement sets in. It is probably the only destination in the country where the excitement or the buzz sets in right from the time you board the flight.
There are groups of families, friends, couples etc. all excited about their oncoming holiday in the fun city. As the flight takes off, you can almost hear the roar of excitement from the passengers on board.

While in Goa there are options galore, be it North Goa or South Goa to match your expectations. So this time is was Zeebop by the Sea located in South Goa’s Utorda beach.
The view is simply amazing, if lucky (read: early), you can get your table placed under the palm overlooking the sea. The shack is on the beach and one can slip into the sea for a swim and return quite easily. There is a provision for a shower that you can use to get rid of all the sand that comes along from the beach.

We were a large group and had taken up the entire left section of the shack. While all of us were enjoying our beers & gin n tonics, there was this immediate need to satisfy our hunger pangs.

Calamari Rechelado

Prawn Rawa Fry

Beef Chilly Fry
Our order must have kept the Chef’s on their toes. Our starters included, Calamari Batter Fry, Calamari Rechelado, Fish n Chips, Beef Chilly Fry, Prawn Rawa Fry, Chicken & Paneer tikka and my personal favorite , Goan Chorizo, a hot and tangy Goan pork sausage.

The Goan sausage or chorizo is a typical reflection of Indo-Portuguese cuisine from Goa, Daman and Diu, which once were part of the Portuguese State of India.

Goan Chorizo 

This sausage is made with pork, vinegar, garlic, hot chili peppers, and spices like turmeric, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, which makes it extremely spicy. After filling the casings, the resulting sausages are dried in the sun and then smoked slowly. Goan sausage is usually served on a piece of pao, which is the word "bread" in Portuguese. Goan sausage is also prepared into a pulao or rice dish.

Being right on the coast , there is always the option of indulging in the catch of the day. While this is a very tempting option, it can set you back by about Rs 7500/- to Rs 8000/- per piece depending on the size and season.

Catch of the Day -  Crab

Catch of the Day
After a great day at the beach, as you walk along the shore in the evening it's time for the sun to say good bye as it sets into the far horizon into the sea. It's time to bid adieu to the beach as well as we get into our coach and head back to our resort.

All good things don't necessarily need to come to an end . Till next time.... 


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