Sunday, September 15, 2019

Lazy Lagoon Sarovar Portico Suites

When in Goa, the Lazy Lagoon Sarovar Portico Suites is a great option. It is a nice quaint hotel in Baga. 43 km from Dabolim Airport. The hotel boasts of 44 rooms, a very lovely swimming pool and two restaurants.

The hotel experience starts right at the airport. As soon as we landed and were in the airport coach to the terminal, we received a call from the hotel chauffer, telling us that he was waiting for us at the terminal.
So as soon as we got our baggage, we were well on our way to the hotel. Being a Sunday morning, we encountered little or no traffic on our hour long drive to the hotel.

A light drizzle welcomed us at the hotel. Check-in was seamless even though we arrived early. Soon enough we were in our rooms… and wow…. were they spacious? The room opened into a little sitting room that led to the bedroom. Nice and spacious. I was particularly impressed by the bathrooms. They seem to be recently renovated and were big and contemporary. Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph that I can share.
The hotel has a very nice swimming pool that is very inviting and with a depth of 5’ in the deep is relatively safe for both swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

They say, "A way to a man’s heart is through the stomach and so to 'woo man', good food is a must." Although in Goa there are many other options.

I am personally not a great fan of buffets and I tend to choose just a dish or two from the buffet. But our group, almost 28 of us, probably tested the elasticity of the hotel staff with extended timings and personal requests. The kitchen and service crew obliged smilingly.

Fried Egg - Masala

Fresh Fruit Salad

Tossed Vegetables 
Paneer Tikka

Goan Anjal Fish Curry

I personally enjoyed my masala fried eggs with croissants and anjal (seer) fish curry with rice, during my meals at the hotel. Goan Fish Curry is a warm and tangy fish curry that is cooled with coconut milk. Seen in the picture, is a little bit of kokum that has been used to make the curry tangy.

I think we also pushed to the extreme Lennoz, the mixologist at the OLA, He was at his best making dozens of Margaritas,, Mojitos, Whisky sours etc. #Lennox4Life 

Two sides of a coin

  • A breakfast is never complete without a good cup of either tea or coffee. If you request for a beverage beyond the standard masala chai on the buffet, it takes forever to reach the table. The hotel needs to improve this part of their breakfast service. Help the hotel beat the issue by ordering early. 
  • Desi Masala Chai

  • Croissants are my favourite breakfast roll and I do not appreciate them being cut into half and served on the buffet. The hotel could do better by baking or outsourcing a smaller size so we can enjoy them as a whole

I would definitely recommend staying at this property in Baga. It works great, both for groups and well as for families. 

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