Friday, September 6, 2019

Anniversary Celebrations @ Byg Brewski, Hennur, Bengaluru

When I received a call inviting us to join the 5th Anniversary celebrations at Byg Brewski, I readily accepted. Not only because I would have liked to be a part of their celebration or because Byg Brewski highlighted Hennur on the map of Bengaluru or because I live in the vicinity. It was because it is a fun place to visit, their open to the sky ambiance and the grandeur you experience enthralls you. Their friendly service crew also ensures you keep coming back for more. I firmly believe that this is a destination pub in Bengaluru and we, my wife and I, host our outstation guests here with pride.

Matka Magic. 

We made our way to the SYN bar on the upper deck and were welcomed by Arati who offered to and help us get our first drinks of the evening. We consciously stayed away from their well-crafted home brewed beers and stayed with whisky based cocktails.

Crown with edible gold dust
We started with the award winning “Crown”, a whisky based cocktail with edible gold dust. Must have been good as there were several orders of this drink at our table.

I opted for the very popular “Matka Magic”, which is a whisky based cocktail with jalapeno, rosemary, passion fruit and cranberry juice. I personally enjoyed the lingering taste of the jalapeno spice as I sipped the drink through the evening.

Old Fashioned

Whisky Sour
We followed this up with Old Fashioned, whose origin dates back to the early 1800’s.  The drink is popularly made with Jim Beam, sugar, bitters and garnished with a peel of orange. The Whisky sour was also very popular at the table. It is generally made with whisky, lemon juice, sugar with the option of using egg white as well. 

The Byg Brewski famed large ice-cubes stand out in the cocktails. The ice cubes are made with the same water that is used by the brewery for their crafted beers. That probably explains why the cubes are crystal clear. The cubes also have the markings of the Byg Bewrski logo on them. 

Crisp rashers of Bacon with
Pepperoni Pizza

Lamb Chops
While there were plenty of appetizers like tempura prawns, fish tikka, mutton seek kababs, the chef was kind enough to help us with some of our personal favorites that included the cheesy garlic bread our request  with extra cheese and extra spice, hand tossed wood fired pepperoni pizza with crisp bacon rashes on the side and grilled lamb chops. The skillet comes really really hot, so please mind your fingers. I burnt a finger despite the warning given. The Malnad pork is a must try.

 It was a fun evening with the weather gods being kind blessing us with awesome weather including a rain free evening. Unfortunately,  we had to live with the live music ban across the pubs and clubs in the city.

A big thanks to Hitesh, Deepak & Amit for giving us this fantastic experience.  

Executive Chef Sandeep standing to the extreme left,

Rohan, award winning mixologist and
Chief Intoxicating Officer at Byg Brewski, extreme left

The Culinary Parade! 


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