Sunday, July 14, 2019

Loft - Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru

We were looking for a light meal and decided to try the Loft, one of the newer Café’s in Kamanahalli. We walked in around 10:30pm and felt happy we were taken in and given a table. We were one of two occupied tables in the Café. The Café had a good positive energy about it with extremely effective air-conditioning.

We decided to order a soup and Ceasers salad accompanied with a portion of pizza sticks. We really enjoyed the salad with an additional topping of Chicken. The soup was pretty okay but the pizza sticks were very average. The bread seemed dry and stale, was crumbling, the cheese was under done it could have grilled a little more. The corn in it was missing or was getting over powered by the cheese.

Ceasers Salad - Chicken 

Two sides to a coin:Service really needs improvement. There were 2-3 chefs sitting on one table while 2-3 of the service crew were sitting around the billing computer in the restaurant. Service was left to a relatively new service crew who still required some training.

The Café has the potential to scale up and I really hope they do, because it a lovely place that has a nice ambiance.


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