Sunday, June 30, 2019

Ardmore Whisky Tasting @ Ottimo Cucina Italiana - ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru

As you enter ITC gardenia through the wind tunnel you are almost swept off your feet in more ways than one. Firstly, quite literally by the constant breeze that keeps blowing because of the architecture and secondly by the sheer grandeur of the hotel.

We walk past Fabelle, the Chocolate boutique to reach Ottimo the pan-Italian fine dining restaurant that was the venue for our evening.

We were welcomed by the hospitable team of the hotel to the spirits of Teachers 12 – Golden Thistle – a blend crafted in Islay casks for 12 years inspired by the national flower of Scotland – Thistle.

 Accompanying this fine blend was Ardmore for those who were inclined to a medium peat smoked full bodied whisky for the evening.           Tasting Notes: More charred, smoky notes, joined by drying oak, pear drops and subtle grassy touches.
There were appetizers galore though the evening, my favorite being the good old mushroom vol au vents.

Assorted bread rolls

Salmon three wayswith a 60 degree yolk

Our five course meal started with Salmon with a 60 degree yolk and ended with the delightful explosion of flavors of Mango, chocolate and raspberry.

Pan Seared Seabass
New Zealand Loin

As pictures speak louder than words, I have captured the elaborate meal with pictures.

The evening was curated by Sandeep Arora, the country’s premier whisky brand ambassador while Chef Chirag Sehgal curated a special menu for the evening.

Overall a fantastic evening pairing the notes of whisky and delectable Italian cuisine. A big call out to our hosts for bringing this exclusive event to Bangalore.


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