Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mahjong Room @ WelcomHotel - Bengaluru

Mahjong - the name brings about nostalgia and takes me back to the 80’s when my mother managed to source the game in Chennai and found it tough to find partners to play the game. Today, decades later, as we excitedly headed to WelcomHotel Bangalore to try an Oriental meal at their latest baby the Mahjong Room, those memories were revived.

We started our meal with Crispy lotus stem with Sesame followed by Golden fried prawns, Chicken and Onion Sui Mai. All three were excellent defined by their own textures and flavors. My personal favourites were the jumbo prawns followed by the lotus stem. 
Golden Fried Jumbo Prawns

Lotus Stem with Sesame seeds

Chicken & Onion Sui Mai

Our main course comprised off Double fried beans with minced mushrooms. Crisp river sole with Oyster sauce, Gong Bao Chicken accompanied with mushroom and Corn Jasmine fried rice and tossed noodles.
Gong Bao Chicken

Crisp river Sole with Oyster Sauce

Tossed Noodles

Desserts from the Boozy Sundae Bar were recommended and we had no regrets or guilt in devouring the Hot chocolate cookie over fudge and Passion coconut lime shortcake. We were divided on which was better. Chocoholics voted for the former.
Coconut Lime Shortcake

Hot Chocolate Cookie over Fudge

The magical part of our meal was the very interesting butterfly pea flower tea, which blue in colour when served turns purple when infused with a dash of lime. 

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
I am already planning what I would like to eat on my next visit…. Sesame Prawn toast a.ka. Chinese gold coin of yester-years & Honey chilli spareribs… am I drooling?

Dost bane host for the evening. Mr Kuldeep Dhawan,
General Manager - WelcomHotel Bengaluru

Fantastic service to say the least and a super time!

Mahjong Room is located at 46, WelcomHotel Bengaluru, Richmond Road, Bangalore


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