Friday, March 8, 2019

Paul John Experience @ Vembanad, The Paul, Bengaluru

I personally prefer roof top restaurants for what they offer over and above the cuisine i.e. the open air and ambience or the view of the city. Vembanad located on the top floor is a colonial style restaurant with a wood-carved ceiling serving Kerala and coastal cuisine, unfortunately did ont get such a view.

However, we visited the restaurant for a very special experience … a Single Malt tasting session paired with coastal or Kerala cuisine.

Our experience started with tasting the single malts from the house of Paul John, six of them, yes all six, and not all of them are available in Bangalore.

Starting with the Brilliance to the Edited and then to the Bold. Then came the macho stuff with above 55% v/v, the Classic, Peated and Christmas.
We were also fortunate to taste the clear spirit before it got into the cask. Pure alcohol. Thank god for the casks. They do a wonderful job adding flavour and colour to our favourite spirits. If you do not like your whisky peated go for the Brilliance like I did.

Our guide / host for the evening was Yash Bhamre, brand ambassador for Paul John, who explained the nuances of Single Malt drinking and then led us on to… Do your own thing” or “ Drink it the way you like it”

The lessons done ,we  moved into the next phase of the evening pairing the whisky with coastal Indian food. The memories I took away from the meal was the jackfruit icecream flambed with Brilliance Single Malt.

Soya Vegetable Stew with Appam &
 Tapioca Chips
Vazhakkai Ulli with coin paratha

A miniature set
Enjoying the evening

A fantastic spirited and fun evening with great service. Thanks to our host Heemanshu Ashar and SMAC for curating this evening.

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